Production Services
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mediaHYPERIUM is a full service production house offering turnkey project management services from production development, video/film and audio recording to the final mastering, as well as single production segments such as surround mix, audio/video editing and audio/video compression and authoring. We offer competitive rates that can be customized to fit your budget.

Film/video production

creative project development
business project proposal/plan
film/video recording
post production:
color correction
voice over
talent search
talent/production team hiring services

Audio production (all genres)

creative project development
business project proposal/plan
musician/production team hiring services
large scale orchestra
small ensemble
solo performance
pop/rock band
electronic music
all formats (PCM,DSD, stereo, multichannel)
all formats (PCM,DSD, stereo, multichannel)
all formats (PCM,DSD, stereo, multichannel)

Advanced video production

3D video

Advanced audio production

spatial audio:
recording and mixing with height information
recording & mixing with virtual acoustics:
sound field: mono to 22.2 channels

Blu-ray, DVD-audio, DVD-video

menu design
audio/video compression

Legal services

production (related) agreements
content license
publishing clearance

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